Baktrilon and Baktrilon-A preparations are innovative in-house products developed by Ukraine-based LLC “Tristan Trade & Marketing Agency” (LLC Tristan TMA) to provide microbiological stability of the environment in the manufacturing of sugar, alcohol, or yeast. The preparations can be used for disinfecting primary products, water sources, or production areas, equipment, tanks and pipelines in the food manufacturing industry.

Tristan TMA Baktrilon™ Preparation (ТУ У 20.2-32531568-001:2017) is active against both gram-positive or gram-negative microorganisms (including leuconostoc) and fungi.

Therefore, it can be effectively used to provide the stability of processes in sugar and ethanol industries.


Baktrilon three-component composition contains a special complex of antibiotic drugs and antibacterial agents that suppress harmful microflora in the environment with a longer and better effect than traditional antiseptics.

Baktrilon Preparation is applied in minimal concentrations (0.00005-0.0001%) to make an antibacterial impact on the infecting microflora.

The disinfectant has proven its effectiveness in sugar and ethanol production in Ukraine.


Baktrilon-A is a complex preparation that acts as a disinfectant, cationic flocculant, coagulant, and corrosion inhibitor.

The preparation has a prolonged disinfecting effect, the duration of which depends on the concentration of its working solution, conditions of usage and exposure. An increase in the temperature of working solutions to 30-90°C facilitates antimicrobial activity.

Baktrilon-A has no smell and color. It does not contain chlorine and other oxidants. The preparation is not aggressive and does not cause corrosion of metals. It does not have irritating or carcinogenic properties and it does not cause allergies.

Baktrilon-A falls within Safety Category IV and does not require special storage conditions.

Baktrilon active substance is a complex of biocidal polymers based on polyguanidines and their derivatives.

The product can be varied for each task to achieve the best result.

The reagent mixes well with water in any proportions. It is stable and safe in standard conditions of storage, transportation and use. Baktrilon is neither hydrolyzable or oxidizable. It’s non-flammable and nonexplosive.