The disinfecting effect of Baktrilon-A preparation solutions has a wide range:

  • highly effective antimicrobial effect on most pathogenic microorganisms, gram-positive, and gram-negative microorganisms;
  • antimicrobial effect on viruses (including viruses of enteral and parenteral hepatitis, HIV, poliomyelitis, adenovirus, influenza viruses, avian influenza strain AN5N1, herpes and other viruses), fungi of the genus Candida, Trichophyton, mold, and bacteria of diphtheria, typhus, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli die within 5 minutes.)
  • fungicidal effect (including pathogens of candidiasis, dermatophytosis, etc.);
  • algicidal properties (suppression of microalgae).
  • null

    Do not allow freezing

  • null

    Diluted in water

  • null

    Long-lasting effect after application

  • null

    Shelf life up to 24 months

Baktrilon can be used for water purification in water supply systems to solve a number of complex problems of water treatment, namely:

  • Prevent decay of precipitation of hydrolyzed coagulants formed during water treatment;
  • Suppress processes of biofouling of treatment plants;
  • Reduce significantly corrosion of equipment and hydraulic structures;
  • Improve working conditions of staff;
  • Make water treatment environmentally safe.

Comparative characteristics of traditional disinfectants and Baktrilon-A

Traditional disinfectants Baktrilon-A
Harmful chemical elements Present Absent
Hazardous chemical elements Present Absent
The presence of chlorine and harmful oxidants Present in some Absent
Aggressiveness, influence on corrosion of metal Yes No
Irritant and allergic reactions, carcinogens Yes No
Prolonged effect (4-8 hours) No Yes
Offensive odours Yes No
Effect on gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, fungi, viruses, yeast No Yes
Environmentally friendly disposal of solutions No Yes, biodegradation
Laboratory guarantee of bacteriological purity No Yes
Negative impact on the environment Present Absent